Sub-Art Yoga offers accommodation for up to 10 people on two levels. The two air-conditioned apartements have separate entrances. There is a parking lot behind the house. Each level has a terrace with sea view and is equipped with bathroom and kitchen.


In the backyard in front of our in-house Yoga Shala are a garden, a separate bath house and a summer kitchen with a seating area overlooking the bay. There is also a barbecue facility in the backyard for our guests.


Accommodation Facilities :
* Yoga Shala (in-house)

* Air-Conditioned Apartements

* Private Jetty
* Free Parking
* Free Wi-Fi
* Free Laundry
* Meeting Room
* Barbeque Facility
* Garden
* Kitchen
* Terrace


Info & Contact:

Iva Deković 


Fon: +49 157 833 62 572