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Yoga Journey To Your True Nature

6 Days Retreat with Elena Kolbasina

Apr07 - Apr12 * Oct19 - Oct24 2020

Oct21 - 26 2019

This is your Spring / Autumn Yoga retreat to regenerate & enjoy!


6 days of deep healing, self- (re)discovery and celebration of your true self. Here is an unusual and personal way to delve into essentials of life and Yoga, leaving behind tradition and styles, teachings and form. Listening from within and following with feeling, to discover the amazing joy of yourself with an unique and personal practice.


To become who we really are, we first have to let go who we are not. Only then we can obtain the wise and mighty power of life that is our birthright. It takes courage. It is a process and it starts whithin your body. Use this yoga journey as a break from the usual and see it as a chance to get closer to yourself again. 


If we look deep into ourselves we start to understand how the opposite parts within us can be brought together. This way we can achieve a feeling of wholeness and balance. The daily yoga-program will consist of meditation, pranayama, chanting and practicing asanas.



We will target points in our bodies that we are used to hold on to, like tense spots which potentially stop our charisma and wisdom. Through the daily praxis of yoga you will make room in your body and mind. Toxic stuff will be cut out leaving space for the new. We'll go into those rooms and fill them with energy and presence. While discovering our roots as well as ourselves we will find our connection to life.


You will be in a very safe and beautiful environment, in a magic place with a calm Yoga room, a small and intimate group of yogis. Breath, movement, Yoga, meditation and reconnecting with your true nature. It is the most beautiful way to gain energy and learn who you truly are.


This retreat will help you to feel yourself more, to get more flexible and will grow your stability. But most of all it will let you experience yourself as a fountain of love and wisdom. Come and dive into a transformative journey! 


Yoga instructor:

Elena Kolbasina


Skill level: Beginner (at least 3 months of experience required), Advanced

Retreat language: English



Day 1

Arrival day

17.00 - 18.30 Welcome & introduction / Your first yoga class “Arrive & release” 

19:00 Dinner (optional)


Day 2, 3, 5

8.30 - 10:30 “Wake up & shine” - Morning practice (Meditation, Vinyasa flow, free movement) 

11:00 Brunch (optional)

12.00 Free Time, Relax, 1x1 Session (optional)

17.00 - 19.30 “Slow down & nourish yourself”, evening practice (restorative Yoga, unfolding your inner body, Yin Yoga, meditation)

20:00 Dinner (optional)


Day 3

6.00 - 7.00 Mindful walking meditation to the chapell, calligraphy Yoga (similar to Tai Chi)

8.00 - 9.00 Morning practice (Vinyasa flow)

11:00 Brunch (optional)

17.00 - 19.30 “Slow down & nourish yourself” Evening practice (Restorative, unfolding your inner body, Yin, meditation)

20:00 Dinner (optional)


Day 6

Departure day

8.30 - 10.30 “Charge your batteries” Enjoy your beautiful self!

Farewell & departure


Please note:

The above schedule is only a sample. Please keep in mind that some of the activities will be require more time.

This way the schedule might be adapted accordingly.


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What's included:

* Yoga instructor

* Yoga practices

* 5 nights accommodation

*Free parking

* Tourist tax

* Free WiFi


What's not included: 

* Boat tour 

* Brunch

* Dinner

* Airport transfer


Arrival airports:

Split (SPU) or Zadar (ZAD)

We gladly help planning your journey to us with you and offer private airport transfer


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